What to Look for in a Medical Spa

 How to Find a Great Medical Spa

A medical spa is also known by the names medspas and medi spas. They have a medical focus that includes relaxation and pampering. They offer non invasive or minimally invasive beauty services. They are great for people that want to look better without surgery or a long recovery period.

There are a number of services offer at the Medical Spas including facial peels, Botox, dermal fillers such as Restylane, laser hair remove, and many more beauty services. All of these services are done in a luxurious setting. The prices at the medical spa are often much less for the same service than at a doctor’s office.

Making an appointment is simple and there are a number of medical services offered at these spas. It is still important to research a medical spa to make sure it is reputable and safe. There are some questions to ask before booking an appointment and some tips for finding the best medical spa. In the Houston area, BTLA Med Spa is the spa the is recommmended for all your spa needs.

 Who is the medical director?

Medical spas are run by a qualified physician. This doctor should specialized in aesthetics or dermatology. They should also have knowledge of cosmetic or plastic surgery.

 Is there a main doctor’s office?

Be sure to find out if the main doctor on staff has their medical practice nearby or if they live in a different city. If the doctor is not located locally there are some things that may be a red flag. The following information will be needed.

 Is the doctor able to answer questions and how can they be contacted if there are complications?

Medical spas that offer medical procedures such as Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, and some facial peels should be done by a qualified professional. The clinician should be highly trained. If there are complications a doctor needs to be on staff to examine them.

 Does the doctor have regular hours at the spa?

If the doctor has regular hours for consultations and evaluations this is very important. The doctor plays an active role in the spa and they can be called upon if needed.

Did the medical doctor personally train the clinicians at the spa?

The doctor should train each and every clinician so they perform the procedures in the same manner. The doctor should also evaluate their performance before allowing the clinician to see guests of the spa.

Before having any procedure done at the medical spa take a look around. Make sure that everything is clean and care for. Is the staff willing to take the time to answer questions or find out information?

Once you have the answers to these questions enjoy the pampering at the medical spa.

BTLA Med Spa

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