An Explanation of the Sandblasting Process In Houston

Sandblasting process is mainly used to prepare a rough surface for painting. When the rough metal surfaces or walls are cleaned, it is easier for the primer to take on the surface. However, if you don’t work in a construction industry or you’ve never been involved with sandblasting, you might not have an idea how the entire proves is done. This article will help you understand the sandblasting process to know what it entails.

Materials used for sandblasting

There are a number of materials that can used in sandblasting besides sand. Steel grit, copper slag, small bits of walnut, coconut shells and powdered abrasives are some of the materials used in sandblasting. Each of these materials has a particular use when sandblasting and different benefits that lead to their use. An experienced worker in Houston’s best sandblasting company will advise you that, although sand was mainly used, nowadays, sand is the least used of sandblasting materials. This is because it has a number of health side effects which is not posed by other sandblasting materials. The dust settles in the lungs during exhalation and when you are exposed to the sand for a long period of time, you can have a lung disease known as silicosis.

Tools needed when sandblasting

Sandblasting does not require a lot of equipment to be successful. In fact, a local Houston sandblasting company may use a single machine to do the entire work. The machine is made up of three parts i.e. the blaster nozzle, the abrasive and the compressor. The blaster nozzle is used to blast the wall or the rough surface while the abrasive smoothen s the rough surface. On the other hand, the compressor compresses the sandblast and the air removing the coarse materials with the use of pressure. The sandblasting machine also has a collector that is used to collect excess dust during the sandblasting process. Besides collecting excess dust, the collector prevents excess dust from escaping and polluting the environment.

Safety gear needed when sandblasting

When sandblasting in Houston, you need safety equipment to keep you safe. This applies whether you are the one sandblasting or you will be in the vicinity. Sandblasting produces a lot of dust and other harmful materials that might cause health problems. Therefore, you need to have protective clothing e.g. safety glasses and a respirator mask. You can also have hand gloves, a helmet, an overall and gumboots.

When sandblasting, remember to take caution to avoid injuring yourself. If you have never done it before, it is advisable to seek professional help to gain experience and knowledge on how to do it in future. On the other hand, you can hire a sandblasting company to carry out the entire process at a fee.

If you are to do it yourself, you just need to choose the right equipment, follow the right sandblasting procedure and observe all safety guidelines. With simple directions and guidelines, you can be able to do it yourself successfully.

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